Let's slay the status quo! We won't be erased. Queer powers unite!

Join the Queerie Revolution!

We are a team of fed-up queers building a powerful human connections platform to help connect us all to one another and to things that give us life!

Because our joy and love are the strongest forms of protest.

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01 / Our Story

We are an organism for change

Hola hola! My name is Melvin. I'm Queerie's Cxnti Executive Officer, and I'm an immigrant from El Salvador. My partner Alfredo and I have been together for 15 years. Among the many things that unite us, our love of travel and music are two of the things that have given us so much joy and perspective, and have truly transformed us and pushed us to grow, as a couple and as individuals. Through our shared love of house and techno music, we have found ourselves sparking connections with like-minded people everywhere and we've learned that when humans come together for a common purpose, it doesn't matter where you're from, what your beliefs are, or what your socio-economic background is. What matters is the mutual respect, understanding, and sense of belonging that is created when we come together for something we care about and that gives us so much joy.

On a trip to San Francisco several years ago, home to a vast number of LGBTQI folks, we hit peak frustration. We wanted to go out and meet other queer like-minded folks through the music gatherings we love so much only to be let down because with no network to rely on, we searched online only to be disappointed by the lack of information on these parties. This was the moment Alfredo and I thought this could be something we could solve for our community.

It wasn't until the very beginning of 2020 that this idea started to take shape into something real. We found ourselves in Berlin, at Berghain's NYE party, where we met Justin. We bonded through the very same love of music and concluded that we have been having the same pain points, and that we had all been thinking about creating some sort of centralized digital space for queer folks to find these sorts of events.

Alfredo and I were living in DC and Justin in NY, and soon after our time in Berlin, the three of us decided to embark on this journey together. I'm a designer and Alf and Justin are both in tech. So, we quickly got to work. We started talking to friends about the idea. And heard nothing but encouraging feedback. But then the pandemic hit. Although we did not feel discouraged, we did, however, find it necessary to halt the development of the project in the fall of 2021 since gatherings were not being allowed for obvious reasons.

The silver lining of those trying times, if there was one, is that this brought the three of us very close as we were spending increasingly long periods of time together. We felt so enlivened and grateful for this new dynamic. And even though it was uncharted territory for Alfredo, Justin, and me, we welcomed it because we knew it was steeped in mutual love, care, and respect.

Full tea, this really had me wondering about the true meaning of it all. It helped me realize that the reason why we seek these music experiences is to connect. As a result, we decided to pivot and refocus our queer events platform to something we believe was more important; a platform to help our communities forge strong meaningful connections. But never losing sight of the very thing that brought us together—music.

More energized and motivated than ever, we got back to work. And in the early Spring of 2022 we reconnected with a dear friend of ours, Nick, who was working for a large tech company. We showed him what we had been working on and he jumped at the opportunity to be part of the project. We were thrilled to bring him on board.

This brings us to where we are now. With a pandemic behind us, the evolution of my and Alfredo's relationship into a transformative polyamorous relationship with Justin, the re-sparking of a beautiful friendship with Nick, the constant conversations with friends, old and new, everywhere on what this platform could be, and the countless hours of work already put in, we are more determined than ever to get this labor of love, our simple yet powerful tool in the hands of those who need it most. One, because we are now facing a serious epidemic — loneliness. And two, because we are yet again in the crossfire of greed and politics.

We believe with everything going on around us, as there is a major push to feed greed and fuel oppression, it's beyond important to come together for a common purpose and use our unity as a powerful tool to demand true change.

Our mission is to spread joy and accelerate human progress through meaningful connections.

02 / The Queerie Platform

Connect with the folx and the things that give you life

Welcome to the Queerie revolution, where fabulousness meets function! We're flipping the script on social platforms and are on a mission to provide a home for our diverse communities to thrive. Picture this: ALAANA (African, Latinx, Arab, Asian, and Native American), MOGII (marginalized orientations, gender identities, intersex), and just about anyone who feels voiceless, as well as our allies coming together, forging connections that are so powerful they could change the world. And guess what? We've got the hottest events and resources in town to add that extra sparkle to your journey. Get ready to unleash your authentic self with Queerie!

Queerie will feature a quute user interface as well as a powerful recommendation engine that will suggest folx for friendship, love, networking, and everything in between. As well as events, resources, and much more to our community members based on interactions and common affinities with the intention of forging an ecosystem by us for us.

We aim to grow a vibrant community that extends to our physical world. A community that will empower its members with invaluable resources and unwavering support.

03 / Why Queerie Exists

Queer Powers Unite!

Amid all the pain and suffering, and blatant fuckery that surrounds us, we fiercely believe lessening suffering and infusing joy into our lives is key to sparking the fire of true change. We face trying times and failing systems. But don't forget: our resilience is our superpower. We acknowledge that change isn't easy. But here's the tea, babe: we noticed a void, and we exist to bridge the gap. We're all about offering a unique voice, a safe space, true inclusivity, and an outlet by and for our community. We are reclaiming our unity, rejecting divisions and apps that drive us further apart. It's time to rise above and unite like never before. We're here to shift the focus back to us, radiating positivity and empowerment. Together, we'll overcome the hurdles that hold us back. Let's rewrite the narrative and create a united community that thrives.

There is power in reclamation and to us the word queer is a strong political statement that speaks to progress and forward-thinking open minds. We care deeply for human advancement and protecting our environment.

Join us, be part of the movement. Together we will make so much noise that they won't have any other option than to listen. And who knows, that may be the impetus needed for a more pro-human, equitable future.

Queerie is you, we are all Queerie. Let's be there for each other. Let's lift each other up. Relentlessly.